Analytical Dashboard

Analytical Dashboard

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, we offer an advanced Analytical Dashboard. This dashboard is designed to give you deep insights into your GST return data. With easy-to-interpret visualizations and real-time analytics, you can make informed decisions, monitor compliance, and identify areas for improvement. Our Analytical Dashboard empowers you to take control of your GST data like never before.

Whether you need GST return filing software, ERP integration solutions, or an Analytical Dashboard to drive data-driven decision-making, Viq Infotech is your trusted partner. We provide the expertise and technology to simplify your GST compliance journey, enhance your ERP integration, and unlock the full potential of your GST data.

Analytical Dashboard

Insights on sales and purchase

Based on Net Taxable amount with tax head wise break up

M-o-M trend analysis

Based on sales amount, inward taxable amount, tax amount with rate, and type of transactions wise break up

Self-Service Analytics

Get browser-based, ad-hoc analysis when needed in a live data environment. Navigate and visualize data easily, without the need for IT.

Tax Dedicated

Tightly Integrated. Tax Sensitized. Tax Owned. Closely connected to finance systems, yet designed for the specific needs of tax. Intuitive and easy to use, allowing tax to manage their own system. Complete transparency from book to tax

Other features

On-the-fly analysis of underperformance or disturbances. Ability to view count of transaction types i.e. credit/debit notes, invoices, SEZ purchases, etc.

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