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Streamlined E-Way Bill Solutions with ERP Integration

At Viq Infotech Private Limited, we understand the importance of a seamless E-Way Bill process for businesses involved in the transportation and logistics sectors. We not only provide a comprehensive E-Way Bill solution but also offer seamless integration with a range of leading ERP systems, including SAP, Microsoft Navision, D365, Axapta, Oracle, and SQL-based ERPs.


Key Features of Our Integrated E-Way Bill Solution

Efficient Bill Generation

Our integrated E-Way Bill solution simplifies the process of creating E-Way Bills, reducing manual data entry and streamlining your operations.

Automated Compliance

Ensure tax compliance and accuracy by automating E-Way Bill generation. Our solution checks for data accuracy and regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of costly penalties.

Real-time Monitoring

Keep a close watch on your E-Way Bills in real time. Our solution provides status updates, allowing you to manage logistics effectively.

Seamless Integration

Our E-Way Bill solution effortlessly integrates with various ERP systems, ensuring that E-Way Bill processes become an integral part of your existing operations.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed to be user-friendly, our integrated solution is accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can streamline your transportation operations without the need for advanced technical expertise.

How Viq Infotech Benefits Your Business


Time Savings

Our integrated E-Way Bill solution reduces the time and effort required for E-Way Bill generation, allowing you to focus on core business activities.


Error Reduction

Minimize errors in your E-Way Bills, ensuring that your transportation processes are smooth and free from compliance issues.


Compliance Assurance

: Stay compliant with E-Way Bill regulations, avoiding fines and penalties that can impact your bottom line.


Efficient Operations

Enhance logistics and transportation efficiency with real-time tracking, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

Viq Infotech's integrated E-Way Bill solution with ERP integration is your reliable partner in managing transportation operations, regulatory compliance, and seamless coordination with your ERP system. Simplify E-Way Bill generation, save time, and ensure the accuracy of your bills with our user-friendly and efficient solution.

One-stop Solution for all your EWB Generation Requirements

Seamless Integration

Generate e-way bills with your existing ERP or accounting software

Bulk EWB Generation

The bulk upload of data through existing ERP and Bulk generation of your e-way bills

Data Validation

Multiple data validation checks to ensure data accuracy without any manual intervention

Save Time and Efforts

Say NO to manual work by automating your e-Way Bill compliances

Data Security

Desktop-based solution with 100% data security with real-time monitoring

Support Team

End-to-end assistance for filing returns & resolving queries